Anonymous asked:

Imagine clannibal sex to the song cotton eye joe, with clarice wearing a cowboy hat and twirling a lasso


Oh, god… Let’s see if I can make this good. A tiny bit good.

"Where did you come from," whispered Starling, slightly slower than the beat of the oddly fitting song that blasted loudly in their nice bedroom. She lassoed her partner’s hand and pulled him closer.

"Oh, Clarice, but where did you go?" Dr Lecter responded, running his hand through her hair. 

"Where did you come from…" Starling pulled him onto the bed.

"This is ridiculous, Clarice."

"Just say it, Hannibal."

Dr Lecter closed his eyes and leaned over her, tipping the cowboy hat off of her head. 

"Cotton-eyed Joe," he said, his metallic voice barely audible.

"That’s my boy," his Clarice smiled, embracing him, "Now let the dance begin."